TS 120 Touring sport sleds

Looking for speed on snow? Then the new Touring sport sleds TS is just for you. Our new model is a cross between our Alpine Sleds T and our Sport Sleds S, designed especially for snow tracks. The padded sunken suspension with an ergonomically formed seat allows for a perfect sitting position. The characteristic 22° angle of the runners gives extra support into the curves, making the Tourenrodel Spezial TS super fast. The stainless steel steering cable allows for the safe control of the sled – just as with the Alpine Sleds T this steel rope attachment is ideal for both steering and pulling the sled. The sled’s high-quality runners provide the best possible slide.

  • Weight: 9 kg
  • Lenght: 120 cm
  • Body size: to 190 cm
  • Seats: 1 Person
  • Standard color: Natural
  • Rail: Racing rail