Sledding Tips

  • Wear sturdy shoes or walking boots to ensure your safety when climbing and sliding
  • For grip and precise breaking on hard snow and ice tracks, wear special sledding shoes with spikes
  • Warm gloves that allow your hands to move freely
  • Wear a helmet
  • Bring a bicycle lock if you intend to leave your sled unattended
  • Keep a look out while walking up!
  • If possible take a route up that avoids the sledding track and carry your sled, if not walk on the insides of the curves
  • Never wait in blind spots – after sharp corners or steeper parts of the track
  • Don’t underestimate your speed while sledding
  • Make sure to break with enough time to arrive at the end of the track safely!
  • Never forget to wear a headlamp when sledding at night!
  • Sharpen the runners with sandpaper grade 50-80
  • For hard snow and ice tracks: Remove the runners and sharpen the inner edge with a belt sander)
  • Polish the runners with a polishing wheel or block
  • The runners should be mounted 1-2mm closer at the front than at the rear
  • Make sure to remove old wax before re-waxing and brushing the runners
  • After sledding dry the runners immediately to prevent rusting
  • Wax the runners at the end of the winter season before storing your sled for the summer
  • Never leave your sled in direct sunlight for long periods – for example in a hot car
  • If the sled’s handling changes or it seems to have a problem take it to an expert to check it properly
  • Store the sled somewhere cool and dry
  • Store the sled lying down or standing up
  • Loosen the runner screws before storing
  • Never load things onto the sled or leave the sled leaning on its side



Going up and coming back down on the same track? If so, it’s safest to carry the sled to avoid dangerous situations.



Comfortable sitting position

You can save your leg muscles by riding correctly on a straight course. A comfortable position is especially important for leisure sledding.


Upright sitting position

This is the standard sitting position for hobby sledding on straight tracks.


Currect turning

Steering is possible by moving your weight in the direction you wish to travel, pushing your outside foot against the side of the front of the runners and by pulling the steering rope towards your outside foot (away from the inside of the curve). These actions combined will move the sled in your desired direction.


Correct lying position

Perfect stomach muscle exercise!


Incorrect lying position

Don’t endanger yourself and other sledders!


Breaking for corners

Breaking to finish

To stop quickly lift the front of the sled upwards.