Properly advising our customers is especially important to us. This means helping to choose the correct sled for your needs, providing knowledge on how to maintain and prepare your sled and about how to stay safe while having fun sliding!


We offer the opportunity to have your sled finished to your own customization.


Sleds can be painted in your desired color, just ask!


We offer a range of spare parts for our products.


Damaged sleds can be left with us for repair.


In our range we offer normal runners, racing runners and covering runners.

Normal runners: The normal runners are made from a very smooth flat steel.

Racing runners and covering runners: The racing runners and covering runners are made from an especially hard and smooth steel.
We offer a special runner sharpening service. Runners that have become blunt or damaged can, at the request of our customers, be re-sharpened and returned to their original smooth condition.
Another special feature of our racing runners is their edge preparation: naturally this is also finished by our expert craftsmen.