Torggler Rodel – the finest handmade sleds

First class woodwork, quality materials and our years of experience make Torggler-Rodelbau one of the leading sled manufacturers in the world.

Our flexible sled design concept has not only guaranteed hours of fun for hobby-sledders of any age but also led to enormous success in professional sled racing.

Torggler’s collection ranges from comfortable leisure sleds to sport sleds and successful racing sleds for the professional sport. Through years of experience with hobby and professional sled manufacture and the continuous development of our products, every sled we make is handcrafted to a perfect finish

Made with the highest quality handwork, every Torggler-Rodel is an individual masterpiece.

Along with our experience and expertise, we pride ourselves on quality control and customer service.

  • Advice and consulting
  • Track preparation
  • Structural finishing for snow
  • Leveling for hard-snow and ice tracks
  • Individual personalization.